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We are pleased to share with you some additional options that Child Nutrition is offering to make your busy lifestyle a little easier when it comes to managing your child's lunch account. We are offering, free of charge, the option for you to establish a low account balance notification for your child's/children's lunch account(s).

You will simply need to visit the K12PaymentCenter website and set up an account and your notification preferences. When your child reaches the low limit you have established, you will receive notification via e-mail that your child needs more money in their lunch account. You will also be able to monitor account activity to see how your child is spending lunch money.

Below you will find the options for putting money into your child's account:

The Student's PowerSchool number will be needed to set up your child's account with the K12PaymentCenter website . On the Home screen under the PARENTFUNCTIONS menu, select Manage Students, you will be asked to enter student number, first name, and last name and school name. Please contact the cafeteria manager or the Child Nutrition office if you need additional information.

We hope you will find these services beneficial. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 704-296-3000.